Date : 6-8 Nov 2024

Venue : Accra International Conference Center, Accra Ghana

Market Insight

6 countries in East Africa including Tanzania with a population of 184Mn in 2017
Huge transmition losses(25%) impacting country economical & industrial growth

10-15% rise in annual demand for power from residential and commercial sector

More power generation needed from renewable srouces of energy

Ghana with a population of 31million and total installed power generation capacity of over 5,000MW in 2021 – is a power exporter to its neighbors and 85% of the population have access to power, majorly urban population.

Ghana have made significant progress in last decade in increasing electricity generation and access, resulting in high economic growth. However, inefficiencies lie besides these improvements including extraordinarily high distribution losses and electricity is quite expensive in Ghana.

About 25% of electricity generated in Ghana is lost at the retail end, caused partially by dilapidated infrastructure as well as commercial losses.

Ongoing grid expansions, which include the completion of transmission lines and Bulk Supply Points (BSPs) across the nation, will allow further exports to other neighboring countries in the sub-region.

Hydro generation, as well as thermal generation fueled by crude oil, natural gas, and diesel, continue to be the main sources of Ghana’s power supply. Ghana also exports power to Togo, Benin, and Burkina Faso.

The total installed capacity for existing plants in Ghana is 5,134 Megawatt (MW), Thermal power generation accounts for the largest share - about 6%, followed by hydropower - 33%, and balance from renewable source.


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